Chilled Salads - excellent clarity with Mylar

Application Description

Mylar® OLAF for crystal clear chilled salad lidding.


DuPont Teijin Films material selected and why

Mylar® OLAF meets the requirements for clarity, anti-fog and peelability and allows excellent visibility of the product throughout its shelf-life. Variants exist for a permanent seal if desired (Mylar® OL12AF)

Product Description

Mylar® OLAF is a biaxially orientated polyester film with an amorphous polyester heat seal layer and an anti-fog on the sealable surface. Mylar® OLAF provides a strong peelable seal to a wide range of polar materials including itself, APET, CPET, PETG, polyester coated board, polycarbonate and PVC, but does not seal to polyolefines, such as polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene. DuPont Teijin Films offers another family of lidding films (Mylar® RL) for sealing to these substrates. Mylar® OLAF is specifically designed to minimise ‘fog’ during freezing, chilling and cooking operations, and also to aid clarity during packaging of 'breathable’ products, like fresh vegetables. It is also self venting and dual ovenable (conventional and microwave). It is available in thicknesses of 26 and 39 micron.

Typical Applications

Mylar® OLAF can be used as a single web (Fig. 1) or as part of a laminate (Fig. 2) in lidding applications, for example ready meals, and other applications where a strong seal but relatively easy opening is important.

Practical Information

Mylar® OLAF can be sealed at a wide range of temperatures between 140°C and 200°C. The film seals instantly, but full seal strength is reached one hour after sealing. Whilst Mylar® OLAF typically gives a strong peelable seal performance, thinner grades, if used as a single web, will give film tear on opening. Mylar® OLAF can withstand freezer temperatures down to -70°C and food can be heated/cooked in this film at typical heating conditions of 220°C for 30 minutes. The sealable surface is normally wound on the inside of the reel.

Special Features Available

Printability: Mylar® OLAF is available with a corona treatment on the non-seal side to give improved adhesion to typical packaging inks (Mylar® OLAFT). However, corona treatment does deteriorate with time and in-line treatment during printing and laminating is still required.

Anti-fog: Mylar® OLAF has an anti-fog on the sealable surface.