Mylar® OL12 & OL12AF

Product Description

Mylar® OL12 is a biaxially orientated polyester film with an amorphous polyester heat seal layer. Mylar® OL12 gives a very strong seal at room temperature which typically becomes peelable when heated. Mylar® OL12 gives sealability to a wide range of polar materials including itself, APET, CPET, polyester coated board, and PVC but does not seal to polyolefines, such as polypropylene and polystyrene. DuPont Teijin Films offers another family of lidding films (Mylar® RL) for sealing to these substrates. Mylar® OL12 is dual ovenable (conventional oven and microwave) It is available in thicknesses of 28 and 41 μm.

Typical Applications

Mylar® OL12 can be used as a single web (Fig. 1) or as part of a laminate (Fig. 2) in lidding applications, for example ready meals, when security of seal at room temperature is required.

Practical Information

Mylar® OL12 can be sealed at a wide range of temperatures between 140°C and 200°C. The film seals instantly, but full seal strength is reached one hour after sealing. Mylar® OL12 typically gives a very secure seal performance at room temperature whilst still peeling after ovening. Typically thinner grades, if used as a single web, will give film tear on opening. Mylar® OL12 withstand freezer temperatures down to -70°C and food can be heated/cooked in this film at typical heating conditions of 220°C for 30 minutes. The sealable surface is normally wound on the inside of the reel.

Special Features Available

Printability: Mylar® OL12 is available with a corona treatment on the non-seal side to give improved adhesion to typical packaging inks Mylar® OL12T). However corona treatment does deteriorate with time and in-line treatment during printing and laminating is still required.

Anti-fog: The Mylar® OL12 is available with anti-fog on the sealable surface (Mylar® OL12AF). This is specifically designed to minimise ‘fog’ during freezing, chilling and cooking operations, and also to aid clarity during packaging of ‘breathable’ products, like fresh vegetables.

Food Contact Advice: Mylar® OL12 is compliant with European Union food contact legislation Directive 2002/72/EC (which is consolidated Directive 90/128/EEC and amendments). For individual country and specific application information please contact your DuPont Teijin Films representative. All gauges of Mylar® OL12 comply with the Food and Drug Administration regulation 21 CFR 177.1630 -- Polyethylene phthalate polymers. This regulation describes films which may be safely used in contact with all types of food excluding alcoholic beverages. Mylar® OL12 can be used to contain foods during oven cooking or oven baking at temperatures above 121ºC (250°F).

Disposal: Disposal of Mylar® OL12 does not present special disposal problems. Where waste occurs, in a clean, uncontaminated form it can be recycled into polyester fibre. In most circumstances, once Mylar® OL12 has been laminated, coated, printed or metallised, incineration with Energy Recovery is the most environmentally efficient recovery route. Mylar® OL12 can also be burned in an incinerator with normal refuse or can be buried as a relatively inert material in a landfill. The disposal method should comply with appropriate local and country regulations.

Typical Properties